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Reagan Foxx

If you’re looking for more information on Reagan Foxx’s career as a pornstar, you’ve come to the right place. From Her hot assets to her cool demeanor, you’ll find it here. Reagan Foxx’s career as a pornstar Before she made her career in adult entertainment, Reagan Foxx was a mortgage and financial headhunter. She was […]

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Erotic Photography

Erotic photography is an artistic style of images of an erotic, often provocative or sexually suggestive nature. Prior to the 1960s erotic photos was more commonly described as “glamour” photography. And less frequently was referred to as erotic photography. Erotic photographs generally creates a posed image of a nude subject in a still standing position. […]

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Erotic Sex And Love

Sensuality And Pleasure Erotic sex, love and sexual relationships in today’s society have opened up new vistas for people who are curious about having erotic sex and experimenting with sexual positions. But you have to realize that there is no such thing as “free love”. A relationship must be open and free enough to incorporate […]

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Erotic Porn Massage – Premium Erotic Movies!

Erotic porn has taken the adult entertainment world by storm. Porn movies are no longer made for the sole purpose of titillation, they are now made to stimulate desire and addiction in the viewers. This is because eroticism is defined as sexual stimulation derived from a sexual point of view or desire. Porn movies provide […]

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Choose the Best Erotic Manuscript Book

One of the most important parts of erotic manuscript writing involves the way it is presented. This is a very important part of erotic writing because, as noted before, erotic writing has an erotic undertone. In order for erotic writing to be successful and erotic in its message, it is necessary to eroticize the message. […]

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A Brief Sex Story Book

Are you sick and tired of hearing about how great Sex Story by Alfred Kinsey is? Well, I can understand if you are, because this is one of those “must have” books on the list that everyone is looking for. After all, we all know that sex stories are the gold mine of the genre, […]

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Best Erotic Poetry

Erotic poetry, the term is used broadly to refer to a variety of poems about love and romance. The word ‘erotic’ comes from the Greek word ‘Eros’ meaning Love and ‘laure’ meaning nature or soul. Erotic poetry contains many types of poems such as erotica, fantasy, science fiction, fantasies, erotically themed fiction, fantasy erotica, and […]

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The Life Erotic Ebook

The Life Erotic series is the most recent release from the immensely popular erotica master Christian Dior, and the reception has been positive so far. In the life erotic series, Dior fans are treated to more erotic scenes with the beautiful Morcoteina and her lover. While the sex story is told from the perspective of […]

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Book of Erotic Fantasy by David Michael Slater

My first experience with the book of erotic fantasy was almost a year ago, at a local bookstore on our trip to Seattle. While I was wandering the aisles looking for something interesting. I happened to notice a row of books that had nothing to do with S&M or the sex industry – and they […]

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Erotic Incest Stories

If you’re looking for erotic incest stories to get you through a rough sexual period, then erotic erotica is definitely a great place to go. There are stories in many places on the internet and some you’ll never find in traditional print publications. That’s because erotic sites like adult personals and erotica web sites target […]