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Book of Erotic Fantasy by David Michael Slater

My first experience with the book of erotic fantasy was almost a year ago, at a local bookstore on our trip to Seattle. While I was wandering the aisles looking for something interesting. I happened to notice a row of books that had nothing to do with S&M or the sex industry – and they were all erotic fiction books! Looking closer, I realized that the store had recently started selling the The Life Erotic book of erotic fantasy. The proprietor was very cordial and did not attempt to sell me anything else. It turns out that the bookstore was not the only store in the area selling erotic fiction (and books by other authors). But that he knew the popularity of the erotic fiction books, and specifically the book of erotic fantasy stories or sex story. Would keep him from having to compete with the more mainstream stores whose only stock was of romance and the thriller genre.

Review of the Book of Erotic Fantasy


The book of erotic fantasy is actually a series of short tales designed to “teach” you the basics of “dirty talk” – the language used in talking dirty to your partner, and the imagined (but in the mind of the listener) actions to perform. There are plenty of examples throughout the stories to illustrate the point. And the entire book is meant to be read as a whole, from cover-to-cover, so there’s no need to stop and go over each story as you read.

There’s nothing in the book of erotic fantasy and erotic poetry that makes me feel like I’m learning anorexia or other eating disorder, and that’s probably a good thing. The stories are all entertaining and fun to read. Though I admit that I was mostly distracted by the vivid descriptions of food and clothing. The game of “what comes over the hill” is just too much fun! I also enjoyed the jokes in the book, which are tasteful and light-hearted. It’s definitely more adult than your grandmother’s home cookbook, but still a great book to read with an adult.


This prologue chapter sets up the whole book, beginning with an account of how the writer came to set his “sex manual”. Also how he uses the examples of the book of erotic fantasy to justify his points. It also introduces you to the main character, Shea, It explains why the game of “Dice” (a dice game where you roll sexual fantasies based on the material of the dice). It is used in the game of “dirty talk.” It also describes some of the other characters and their situations.

Chapter One

The first chapter starts out as a humorous story about two young (male and female) students. Who start playing a role-playing game. As the game progresses, they find themselves taking on more of the characters and adopting more outrageous acts. It becomes rather clear that what these young men are trying to do is explore the darker side of their sexuality. As they discover their wildest fantasies. In short, it’s a funny book, a little slice of fantasy. But very real and at times a little silly as well.

Chapter Two

The second chapter starts off with a review of some of the more popular books on the subject, including “How To Keep Your Virginity”. Also it says “Erotic Fantasy: The Ultimate Guide” by Libby Gillian, and “The Book of Erotic Fantasy: A Complete Guide to the World of fetish and sex games.”. This chapter mainly chronicles Shea’s progression from being a shy, bookish college student. All to his current role as a powerful, sexually active, and self-confident man. While not necessarily a sexual book, it does tend to veer toward sex scenes. Mostly between Shea and his partner, but there is also some discussion of Shea’s own sexuality. It is clear that Sun is an avid reader of sex magazines and that his intentions for this book are much more than just learning how to control his erection.