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How to Write an Erotic Storyline

Pornography is mostly about sex. The characters may have interesting dynamics but the main focus is on the sex acts. Erotica, on the other hand, has merit beyond the sexual information.

It depicts the development of a relationship through sexual interaction and ideally ends with a happily-ever-after ending. The sex can be mild or explicit, but it should contain character development and plot progression.

How to Write an Erotic Storyline

A well-written erotic story has a lot more to it than just hot action. It’s about characters, it’s about a plot and it’s about romance – all of the same things that any other story needs to be effective. That doesn’t mean the sex scenes don’t have to be good but it does mean that those scenes aren’t standalones.

Most erotic stories start with the character’s attraction to another character and then show how that attraction grows and reaches an unforgettable climax. The climax can be sexual but it’s often much more than that – it’s about the character overcoming their fears, or their resistance to exploring their kink and finding acceptance and transformation through it.

One of the tricks to writing a sexy scene is to let the reader’s imagination do the work. Using the right descriptive words and descriptions will allow your readers to create powerful visualisations that can’t be created by the author. The power of the reader’s imagination is what makes erotic fiction so powerful.

It’s important not to go overboard with adjectives or euphemisms in an effort to make your story more sexy. These can be downright silly and can turn off your readers rather than arousing them. Also be careful not to use cliched descriptions of sex positions. This can make the scene seem predictable and dull.


The theme of your erotic storyline can be a major factor in whether or not it will be successful. Many readers of erotic fiction are looking for a specific kink, such as bondage, dominance, or submission. They also want to see character growth and development. This is one of the keys to rising above basement or bargain bin erotica that is nothing more than sex scenes with no story.

The themes of erotica are often sexual but can also be spiritual, psychological, or emotional. These are important because they allow the reader to identify with the characters and feel what they’re feeling. For example, a story with a romantic theme can be made more erotical by adding the element of jealousy.

There are several types of erotica: classic, historical, and contemporary. Classic erotica includes ancient texts like the Song of Songs and the Kama Sutra. Historical erotica includes works from the Roman period, such as the Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter. Contemporary erotica includes erotic novels by authors such as JK Rowling, Dan Brown, and Suzanne Collins. There are also subgenres like BDSM, rough sex, and BBW erotica.

The theme of an erotic storyline can be anything from a desire for power to a love story. It can also be about an obsession with a celebrity or a relationship with another person. Regardless of the theme, a good erotic storyline will involve some degree of conflict, especially with the main character and their feelings.


If you want to write an erotic story, you need characters that will draw the reader in and make them feel their feelings. You also need to have them interact with each other in ways that create sexual tension, and then climax and resolve the conflict. This can be done by having the characters engage in sensual activities, or simply through conversation.

Most erotica is character and plot driven, but many people focus on the sex scenes when writing their erotic novels. Sex doesn’t belong in any book without a purpose. Just like an action scene, a sex scene in a romance novel needs to advance the plot and have a specific character goal. This goal is usually to explore the kink, or the character’s desire to experience a certain type of sex. This exploration can take place in a variety of ways and have positive and negative story consequences.

Whether you want to write erotica, light fiction, or pornography, it is important to consider the morality of your work. Be sure to avoid glamorizing rape or other forms of violence, and don’t use disgusting or laughable euphemisms for body parts. Also, don’t use excessively long descriptions of intimate scenes, as they will bore your readers and make them less likely to finish your story. If you are new to erotica, read best-selling examples of the genre and join an online erotica group to practice.


There is a wide range of settings that can be used for erotic stories. These can include sex in a bedroom, an exotic location, or even the outside world. Some of these settings can be more interesting than others for different reasons. For example, sex in a hotel room can be more exciting if the two characters have a history together or if something unexpected happens during the sex scene.

When writing erotica, it is important to make sure the story is not boring. This is why it is important to add elements that give the sex scenes context. For example, you can add a historical background, a character’s insecurity or an unexpected surprise. These details can also help to increase the tension between the two main characters. This will lead to a more dramatic and intense climax.

Another way to make sex scenes more interesting is by using creative dialogue and describing the details of the sex in a unique way. This can include things such as the texture of the person’s skin or the sound of their breathing. It is also important to avoid cliches and overused phrases.

As with any other genre, it is important to practice if you want to be successful at erotica. Try reading examples of best-selling erotica and pay attention to how the writers develop their characters and create a compelling plot.