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The Life Erotic Ebook

The Life Erotic series is the most recent release from the immensely popular erotica master Christian Dior, and the reception has been positive so far. In the life erotic series, Dior fans are treated to more erotic scenes with the beautiful Morcoteina and her lover. While the sex story is told from the perspective of the woman to be. This sensual intimate encounter is interspersed with erotic fantasy that tells the tale of their courtship. Also the evolution of their relationship into something much more sexual. The Life Erotic offers the ultimate experience: high caliber erotica which goes beyond mere sexy posing into more explicit. Sometimes even detailed, action, and the website’s selection of beautiful, exotic women and hot, spicy action take care of the remainder.

This sensual intimate encounter begins at the beginning of the relationship, when the woman is still at home with the family. The Life Erotic starts out with the woman in bed while she is dressed simply. But the lighting is enough to make the surrounding environment suggestive of sensual pleasures. Closeups of the woman’s skin are used in the beginning as a means of foreplay and then the scene’s transition to more explicitly erotic action. As the story unfolds the woman gives her lover a passionate kiss. Then sits on the edge of the bed while she slowly massages her lover’s member gently. She then decides that it is time for real action and they both get down on all fours and take turns using the special lingerie on their bodies. While the woman penetrates her partner’s manhood gently with the help of the vibrator. The man can do the same to the woman’s clitoris with his penis.

The Life Erotic series features not one, but three different types of erotic scenes

The first two videos start off with the woman on the bed, wearing the skimpy outfit mentioned earlier. The other two photos sets start with the woman nude, then the top she wears is removed and replaced by a sexy and revealing fishnet bra. These final two sets of erotic photos show the woman totally covered up in lingerie, with either the fishnet top or the bras removed completely, and then she is lying on the bed with the legs raised up on stilts. The positions shown are similar to the position the Life Erotic photos are featured in.

All three photo sets contain closeups of the woman’s skin and the genital area. In the Life Erotic photos the genital area is never touched except for the very occasional caress the women indulge in. In the other two erotic photos the women’s genitals and nipples are exposed repeatedly. Both the images are accompanied by explicit action such as rubbing and intimate kissing.

In the Life Erotic photo set the closeups of the woman’s breasts are accompanied by the woman performing a passionate kiss on her husband while she is masturbating. Another closeup shows the woman having sexual intercourse with her husband. While she is wearing the skimpy negligee she was earlier wearing when she arrived at the set. Finally, the fourth closeup shows the woman reclining seductively on the bed with the covers of her negligee pulled off to reveal her fully nude body. The suggestive shots are accompanied by explicit dialogue such as “making love” and “loving”.

The Life Erotic photo series is available for download from the official LifeErotica website

It can be purchased as a DVD or a VCD. The former is the cheaper of the two options. For a small additional fee the life erotic video can also be enjoyed through the Life Erotic website’s mobile apps. On the app itself you can also read beautiful erotic poetry too. They are currently available for selected mobile devices including iPhones and android phones. The erotic pictures and all the other related content are available for download free of charge from the official website.